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"The Jews from Arab Lands have become part of many different nations and cultures[…] Their stories need not just to be told, but to be recorded and available. Sephardi Voices can help all those who are going to write or teach Jewish history to have a superb source of something which should be as widely known as possible."

Sir Martin Gilbert z”L

Leading historian on the Twentieth Century



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Share your Story

Every story counts!

If you or a family member were born in the Middle East, North Africa or Iran

and currently live in the UK, we would be very interested in recording your story.


By interviewing with us you be contributing the national story of British Jewry, and have opportunity to create a lasting, professionally filmed testimony of you life that you will be able to share with your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Please email us here to arrange this.

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Corrine Levy Laurent

'Thank you for letting me spend the afternoon with my parents, it's been a long time since I spoke about them in so much detail and I have enjoyed it very much'

Iraj Elghanian

'I highly recommend being interviewed, it is so important for our history to speak about our past' 

Sara Godsi

'I have had a lovely day.

Thank you for coming to hear about my life'

What does an interview day look like?

Our interviews follow a conversational style and to an extent we will be led by the interviewee. 

There are, however, topics of conversation we will always cover. These normally include family background, parents and grandparents, schooling, daily life, religious occasions and traditions, leaving the country of birth and life up to the point of the interview. 

We prefer to interview participants in their own homes. We usually begin mid-morning and ask for the whole day to be kept free. On the arranged day, the interviewer and our cameraman Frank will come to the interviewees house. The interviewer will ask some basic introductory questions (such as date of birth) while Frank sets up, and then the interview will begin. Interviewees are always be able to take as many breaks as they want or need. At the end of the interview there will be the opportunity to share photographs, other documents or objects with us. 


The health and well-being of our interviewees and interviewers is of the utmost importance to us. We are currently offering the option to interview on zoom, and will only interview on location if we can do so safely and in line with local restrictions.

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